Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Global Warming: the snow shovel's perspective

With all of the snow falling back east I'm guessing millions of people think global warming was a figment of Al Gore's imagination. The scientific explanation takes too long for people to digest, but it sometimes helps to invent a visual that puts it in a nutshell. There's the snow-shovel, and the earth on it is melting. I did this drawing yesterday for the New York Times letters page; it appears there today.

As I understand it, the snow is a downwind effect of climate change. If it sounds illogical think of how Arabs drink hot coffee to cool off. Any massive shift in climatic conditions is bound to spin off contradictory effects in different places: droughts, floods, locusts, hurricanes. Which may explain why apocalyptic Christians are so delighted.

I started playing around with this pencil style about a week ago. This is its first appearance in print. Aviva Michaelov is the art director.

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