Thursday, September 20, 2018

What We Talk About When We Talk About Cities (And Love)

First off: a lovely title and an interesting book by Andy Merrifield.
I love how this cover turned out, with the quickly drawn figures in their isolation, except for the couple in the center, embracing in the middle of Times Square. I also thought two detached figures on bicycles added a subtle note of possibility.
ORbooks' Colin Robinson asked me to do this a few months ago, and, as happens with book publishing, I had forgotten the project until it arrived in the mail. Nothing is as thrilling as a book in the mail... Well almost nothing. It's especially exciting when it turns out to be something which I've had a part in. 

Next possible moment of pleasure: when I see someone reading it in a café somewhere.

Media: ballpoint pen and paper + Photoshop. Simple materials. Portable in the first and second instance and nimble in the third.