Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pastry Chef & Tarts

For a time I did a lot of illustrations in this pencil style. It had a narrow application and the limitations were hard to explain to art directors. The subject needed to be easy for the eye to comprehend. The handling of color was key. The colors defined the outline of the figure. Done this way, small things like foodstuffs could engage the eye differently without the fuss of a black line. I found if I painted the figure as a Staffordshire ceramic it had sufficient "thingness", almost as if such a frail figure needed a platform to stand on. Anyway, another food illustration; I don't remember where it appeared.

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  1. A series I did in this pencil style for Conde Nast Traveler won a Society of Publications Designers award at around this time. I should hunt those up and post them.