Monday, March 2, 2009


Once in a while I get asked to do art for jazz performers. I love doing it because I listen to jazz while I work. My depictions of jazz owe a lot to the great Verve illustrator David Stone Martin.


  1. I'm a huge collector of David Stone Martin work, having grown up next door to his NJ home and spending my childhood looking at his prints hanging in our home. I am so impressed with your work that I thought the above work was DSM's for a minute. He's my favorite all-time artist. You couldn't have chosen a more fluid one to emulate. You do very nice work!

  2. Very flattering to think so. Thanks. Some artists wish they'd known Picasso; for me it's artists like Martin and Edward Bawden, Ben Shahn and Marvin Friedman. They were my art school.